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We are invited to be a speaker for MD&M West Conference

Prof. John Goodenough and Michael Xie

Michael (Hui) Xie, CEO, Founder, PHD Energy Inc. was invited to MD&M West Conference

Michael received his Ph.D. degree in battery technology in 2009. From 2009 to 2012, he worked for Professor John Goodenough on advanced Li-ion battery material research and development in UT Austin. Professor Goodenough is well known as the “Father of Lithium ion Battery” in the industry. From 2013 on, he is dedicated to provide the most suitable battery solution and products to customers throughout America and Europe, for various of applications, from consumer, commercial, to industrial and medical. His service and solution help Fortune 500 companies as well as lots of design houses and startups.

We are honored to be invited by UBM to deliver a speech about battery technology and applications in various industries. Our CEO, Dr. Michael Xie, will talk with engineers, designers in the MD&D West, one of the largest conferences and exhibitions in the medical industry. 

With the experiences of serving hundreds of companies including Fortune 500 and lots of startups, design houses, and with our extensive design and manufacturing history, we will keep providing our best technical support and battery solutions and products to our customer. 

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