• chemistry
    Our extensive understanding on battery chemistry systems, from non-rechargeable to rechargeable, from Li-MnO2, Li-SOCl2 to Ni-MH and Li-ion battery, enables us to provide you the best battery solutions and products to your designs and applications.
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
    Our factories utilize the industrial up-to-date and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and equipment, to achieve full automatic or semi-auto production of batteries
  • Form Factor
  • OEM Energy Battery, Customization Lithium Polymer Battery Manufacturer, Rechargeable Robotic Lithium Battery
    Form Factor
    By utilizing the industrial cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies and equipment, we are able to manage a full range of battery form factors, from rectangular to cylindrical, from ultrathin to curved, and shaped designs like C shape, D shape, donut shape, etc.
  • Quality Control
  • Rechargeable Electric Mobility Battery Pack Solution, Lithium Polymer Battery Factory Price
    Quality Control
    Quality and safety are the No.1 priority for any of our solutions and products. All of our manufacturing processes are strictly designed and inspected. Each step is closely monitored and inspected. Also, all our battery products will go through a series of testing and inspection processes to guarantee that all batteries shipped out meet th...
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