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Be at the forefront of the energy revolution with PHD Energy's groundbreaking Sodium Ion Technology!

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Sodium-Ion Batteries for a Sustainable Tomorrow

In the captivating realm of energy storage and manufacturing, one groundbreaking innovation has emerged to electrify our future: Sodium-ion batteries!

These remarkable powerhouses are rewriting the rules of energy storage, promising a cleaner, more sustainable world. Imagine batteries that not only pack a punch but are also abundant, affordable, and eco-friendly. Sodium-ion batteries, with their immense potential, offer a thrilling glimpse into a world where renewable energy sources can flourish, electric vehicles can achieve greater range, and grid-scale energy storage becomes more accessible than ever before. With their promise of sustainability and affordability, these batteries are on the brink of revolutionizing the energy landscape.

Dive into the dynamic field of PhD research in energy battery and manufacturing, and be a part of the electrifying journey that could redefine our energy future!

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Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) are a promising alternative to lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) for a variety of applications, including electric vehicles, grid-scale energy storage, and consumer electronics. SIBs offer several advantages over LIBs, including:


Sodium is significantly less expensive than lithium, making SIBs a more cost-effective option for large-scale applications. 


Sodium is a much more abundant element than lithium, reducing concerns about supply shortages.  


A comprehensive technical and customer supporting team in US and China to provide the real time technical service, answer questions, project management and quality control.