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PHD services core values drive us to excel in every aspect of our work. When it comes to consulting, we believe in delivering customized solutions that address our clients’ unique needs, and providing expert guidance to help them achieve their goals. In battery product manufacturing, we focus on quality and innovation, using the latest technologies and materials to create products that are efficient, durable, and environmentally responsible. Our project management services are designed to ensure seamless execution and timely delivery, while our quality management practices ensure that every aspect of our work meets the highest standards. 

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PHD is comprised of a professional team with battery experts and engineers with extensive experience and knowledge in batteries and their application. Our consulting service will provide you the most suitable solution(s), state-of-art technology for your designs.

PHD Energy Lithium Batteries


PHD provides a full range of battery solutions, from coin cells to cylindrical Li-ion and Li-ion polymer batteries, to big and complex battery packs. Our expert team on battery chemistry and industry insures the delivery of most up to date Battery technology and solutions.

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We have a comprehensive supporting team in US and China to manage projects from design to sampling, EVT, DVT, PVT and MP phases. Always, safety and quality are the most and foremost important aspects for all PHD battery products. We have a strong quality team in the production lines to monitor and inspect real time during the production and before each shipment.