PHD Energy

About Us


At PhD Energy, we hold our core values close to heart, and they guide us in everything we do. When it comes to technology, we believe in harnessing the latest advancements to create innovative and sustainable solutions for our clients. Our products are designed with a focus on quality, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring that they deliver optimal performance and value. And in terms of services, we strive to exceed expectations by providing personalized attention and expert support at every stage of our clients’ journey. 

Battery Quality Control Technology


A professional battery engineering and application team with Ph.D.s in both US and China to deliver the state-of-art technology in both chemistry and manufacturing to our customer.

PHD Energy Batteries


A full range of battery products and services with guaranteed and premium quality, from coin cell, to Li-po battery, to big battery packs; from primary to rechargeable batteries.

Medical Battery Applications


A comprehensive technical and customer supporting team in US and China to provide the real time technical service, answer questions, project management and quality control.