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  • PHD’s  Powersports series Lithium-Ion Batteries provide a simple yet advantageous solution for replacing your stock battery. Save up to 10 pounds with our drop-in, exact fit lithium batteries: an easy, direct replacement for your heavy, toxic lead-acid battery. Great for motorcycles, powersports vehicles and more. Our OEM models are the exact shape and size of your stock battery but are high powered, lightweight Li-Ion versions

    PHD LiFePO4 Powersports battery Product Advantages:
    ● 1/3 the weight of lead-acid batteries
    ● Maintenance free
    ● Over charge and over discharge protection.
    ● Very low self-discharge(as low as 2% per month)
    ● Good performance at relatively high temperature(60-80℃)
    ● Easy use LED Voltage checker to keep an eye on battery charge levels.
    ● Can add bluetooth function.

    Case Size (L*W*H) Volitage Pb Eq CCA Weight(Kg) Weight(Lbs) Max charge Rate(A)
    148mm*66mm*105mm 12V 155/210/270 0.6125/0.763/0.997 1.35/1.68/2.19 12/14/18
    113mm*58mm*89mm 12V/6V 135/210/270 0.483/0.575/0.763 1.06/1.27/1.68 7/9/14/18
    166mm*86mm*155mm 12V 360/405/540 1.64/1.75/2.19 3.6/3.85/4.81 24
    148mm*86mm*88mm 12V/6V 210 0.901 1.98 14
    134mm*80mm*160mm 12V/6V 210 1.032 2.27 14
    148mm*82mm*140mm 12V/6V 315 1.38 3.03 21

    PHD Jump starter

    Model JS-30
    Capacity 13500mAh
    Dimension 192*85*33mm
    Start Current 250A
    Peak Current 500A
    Input port 15V/1A
    Output port USB 5V/1A,2.4A DC 12V/16V/19V 3.5A
    Weight 485g+
    Packaging 485g+555*345*180mm 4pcs/ctn
    G.W(kgs) 4kgs/ctn
    Accessories Smart clamps, Wall adaptor, Car charger, Laptop conversion connector Lap top conversion cable, Usermanuel, USB Cable 1-in-1 or 1-in-3, colorbox

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