PHD Energy

Battery Packs

With five manufacturing plants in China and technical service team in USA and EU, PHD Energy provides a full range of battery solutions and products for both rechargeable and non-rechargeable chemistry systems; from coin cell,  Ni-MH and Li-po battery, to complex battery packs with BMS.


We focus on batteries and manufacturing, and dedicate to deliver the premium battery technology and products to provide the best battery solution to your design.

We always put safety and quality as our most and foremost important factor when we provide our solutions to you. You can rely on us. 


Lead Acid Lithium Replacement Battery

PHD Premium Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery is a wide range of lead acid replacement battery packs. It utilizes the well recognized Lithium iron phosphate chemistry to achieve extraordinarily long cycle and shelf life, superior safety and significantly low weight.


Transportation Battery

The transportation battery features an advanced BMS (Battery Management System) design and technology, ensuring enhanced safety protection for the user. It comes equipped with multiple safety features, including over charge, over discharge, over current, and over temperature protection.


Portable Power Station

The portable power station battery is a versatile and high-performance battery that offers an integrated AC, DC, and USB output. With its high capacity and power, the battery provides a high conversion efficiency that makes it an ideal choice for a range of devices.


Power Sports Battery

PHD’s Powersports series Lithium-Ion Batteries provide a simple yet advantageous solution for replacing your stock battery. Save up to 10 pounds with our drop-in, exact fit lithium batteries: an easy, direct replacement for your heavy, toxic lead-acid battery. Great for motorcycles, powersports vehicles and more. Our OEM models are the exact shape and size of your stock battery but are high powered, lightweight Li-Ion versions


Energy Storage System

PHD Energy is able to provide customers with high powered and high energy cell portfolio to meet any requirements. We  offer support and integration expertise to help products meet and exceed performance requirements. Our innovative technology seamlessly integrates into virtually any lithium-ion application with high performance cells that boast both elevated power and extended life. 


Medical and Military

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