Li-FeS2 1.5V Battery

Lithium Iron Disulfide (Li-FeS2) battery has 1.5V with high energy density and long shelf life. It only comes with two sizes, AA and AAA, to be compatible with the alkaline battery. 

Key Features:
Compatible with alkaline AA and AAA batteries
Higher energy density and lighter in weight (2/3 of Alkaline)
Low self-discharge rate (<1% per year )
Longer shelf life: 10+ years with 90%+ remaining capacity
Wider operating temperature range: -40 - +60 °C.
Better pulse discharge capability

Li-FeS2 battery is a good option for using in applications which need a higher pulse current, require more capacity and longer life. 
Digital Camera
Toys with high power demand
Portable medical devices and products
Lighting products
Tracking devices

Product Specifications: 

Item/Model AAA AAA
Nominal capacity(the mod-value)
Nominal voltage
1200mAh(100mA,0.8V off) 1200mAh(200mA,0.8V off)
1.5V 1.5V
Max.constant current 1500mA 2000mA
Max.pulse current(2 sec on/8sec off) 2000mA 3000mA
Operating temperature -40~+60℃ -40~+60℃
Weight Approx.7.5g Approx.14.5g
Typical Li content -40~+60℃ -40~+60℃
Typical IR(depending on method) Less than 0.6 gram Less than 1 gram
Nominal capacity(the mid-value) 70~250mΩ -3000mAh(200mA,0.8V off)
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